Types of training in the center.

  • Addressed. One of the activities we have is the class led by a teacher who, in addition to being an expert climber, has a degree in sports activities. The objectives of the training are multiple, we put you in shape, a cardiovascular level and muscle level, we help you get started in climbing or to improve your real performance, improve your balance and elasticity and most importantly, we want you to have a good time and During the classes you forget the bad rolls. More information


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  • Free. It enables you to go any day of the week during the opening and closing times of the climbing wall to carry out the crossings and the signposted blocks of different levels. You can also bring your personalized training and put it into practice for it you can count on our extensive installation and with the weight room. More information


  • Assisted (kymy Coach). It consists of a personalized training, prepared by one of our teachers and with an exhaustive follow-up. The teacher will put a training that you can do in our installation or in other and every so often, the teacher will review the performance.