Initiation to climbing. Have you never climbed and want to try? Now you have the opportunity. We make it very easy for you. Try our introductory course. You will learn the basic concepts about the world of climbing (material, safety, related vocabulary ...), you will test our facilities under the supervision of a teacher, and the main thing, you will have a great time.

Try to climb. Do not know what to give, birthday, Christmas, etc? What do you think of a climbing course?. Mere fun and excitement Two hours of exercise and fun.

Indoor climbing course. If you want to take your first steps in climbing and learn to ensure, go first, a greater knowledge of the material, learn to assemble a meeting or take down, this is your course. An intense morning of course to take the first step to go to rock with all the essential knowledge to handle safely. Full indoor climbing course: Friday and / or Saturday 4 hours + 1 free day of directed training: you learn to be autonomous in climbing. Minimum 2, maximum 6 people. More information.

Rock climbing course. A rock course to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to safely perform climbing routes equipped with medium difficulty.

Classical climbing course. Climbing in different areas of the community of Madrid on natural rock, where you will learn all the assurance techniques and gestural techniques necessary to perform the climbing on long walls.